Mark Lewis Translation provides French to English translation of all types of document and English to French translation of technical documentation.

We have translated texts in many industries including Engineering and Information Systems, but also enjoy working in Tourism, Medical, Agriculture, and Marketing.

Technical Translation is concerned with researching and standardising terminology across the translation. We employ termbases and our technical translation database to manage alternatives, and search previous projects.

We transcribe voice recordings and subtitle video in English.

We localize and review website content, based on keyword research.

Also, proofing, review and correction of human and machine translations.

french to english translation, technical translation, video subtitling, transcription. Domains: general tourism and marketing, management information systems, legal and business

Technologies used

We use the leading CAT tool, Trados Studio, to retain formatting and manage translations, and the following five key translation tools to provide rapid quality delivery:

Dragon Naturally Speaking helps us to dictate wherever possible rather than type. Antidote helps us to check grammar, punctuation for written prose in non-technical documents.

Microsoft Azure Text-To-Speech for Trados to read back translated documents to help get the tone right.

Background in the UK and France

Mark Lewis studied information systems at Paris V. and Brighton universities and started out as an Analyst Developer in the UK in 1994.

He moved to France in 2000 to work for a large PC manufacturer and qualified in Supply Chain Management (CPIM) in 2002.

From 2004, initially in PC maintenance and as a video technician digitizing analogue media, Mark started translating in 2012 and has been a full-time translator since 2018.

He worked for a Microsoft ERP provider on installations and training, and taught information systems at a local university college.

Translation projects and capacity

We have undertaken projects in supply chain, system specifications, document management, finance, construction, GDPR, engineering, tourism, winemaking, horse breeding, carpet weaving, and food safety.

Please see here our recent translation projects with examples, and client profiles.

Our usual weekly capacity is 11k words for translation or 22k for proofreading.

Customer references

We have translated for customers in France, Belgium UK, Ireland, Spain, and the USA:

Powerling – technical translation
Paysdoc – tourism in the Pays d’Oc region in France
Machine tool resellers such as FMO and PLI.
Software manuals for XTech-Arts for integrators upgrading customer Sage platforms.
SVP Traductions – business, technical, engineering, finance certified professional

Mark Lewis is a member of the certified pro network.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any of your translation needs in French and English.