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    My background as a translator

    My previous business, the transfer of old format films to digital, was located in France, where I lived for 20 years. I started translating in around 2012 part-time and then full time from 2018 when I returned to the UK.

    I am however a dual national French and English as are my children, my spouse is French.

    As a translator, I have up till now translated mostly for agency customers as indicated on my, CV of Mark Lewis for whom I do technical and audiovisual translation, transcription and subtitling.

    This page is an opportunity to reach out to anyone who might have a French document to translate to English whether it be for tourism, marketing or for general web purposes. I am fully conversant with search engine techniques and run this site based on wpml.

    Analysing your file for translation

    I will process your file using SDL Trados, the leading translation CAT tool. Trados allows me to import any document whether PDF (you can convert to Word), Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or virtually any other type of document.

    Trados presents the source document in two columns, one source and the other the target. I will normally translate your source into UK English. I can normally translate into US English for most standard documents. Once the translation is completed, the translated target document is exported with all the formatting of the source document.

    Trados Studio used on your file for translation

    view of two column view in trados of a file under translation
    trados studio starting up
    Trados Studio by RWS (formerly SDL)
    trados file analysis grid
    File analysis in Trados

    This is the type of estimate I provide for translation work based on the word analysis report from Trados. The grid below demonstrates that I offer reduced rates for repeated words (but not free because they still need to be checked).

    estimate for french to english translation. submit your file online

    File formats

    We translate PDF documents, and all other common formats, including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Openoffice. We will generally submit PDF documents to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract the text. Images and other technical drawings will be subject to a specific estimate depending on complexity, requirement and the quality of recognition. Some such diagrams may require reformatting in order to translate, such as extracting headings to text boxes.

    Public prices

    I provide French to English translation but also video and audio transcription, video subtitling services. The prices below are standard public prices, based on which I can offer selected volume discounts. Click on the image below or go to our translation prices page for further information.

    Estimate of cost

    I will send you a detailed estimate via Quickbooks or via email as a pdf. Please use the contact form below to send us your project files for translation.

    The Translation

    Take a look at the translation process which includes manual or machine translation, proofreading, correction and sometimes voice playback with Trados TTS to check whether the English translation sounds right. Using Trados ensures that while I can focus on translating the content, Trados will ensure that file formatting and presentation is the same in source and the target.

    Invoicing and payment

    Once the translation is done, I will send you an invoice payable with Quickbooks, by bank transfer or via Paypal.


    specialist subjects for french to english translation
    specialist subjects for French to English translation

    These are my specialities, coming from an information systems background, but my video business was customer-facing. I spent nine years with face to face customers transferring their old films and doing video editing projects.

    My domains of speciality include information systems, management, technical translation, video subtitling and tourism.

    And below, as an example, a management video translated and subtitled from English to French.

    So if you have a written document to translate, a video to subtitle or an audio file to transcribe, please use the following form. Looking forward to hearing from you and working together.

    Submit a file for translation

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