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We spent several years transferring old media to digital. Usually, these video editing projects were one of many different types of video edits, such as compilations or reduction edits.

Video of the machine tools database

We built a machine tools database to catalogue partners who distribute or manufacture machine tools. It includes a catalogue of examples of machines from these partners, descriptions of the machines’ functions, and related technical terms. It is a vital and growing resource for the technical terms specific to machine tools.

partners, machines, functions and terms included in the machine tools database

This video of the machine tools database describes its function: to catalogue partners who distribute or manufacture machine tools.

It includes a catalogue of examples of machines from these partners. The database is designed to store a description of the machines’ functions.

Derive terms used for technical translation. Beyond the use of the database to approach potential customers, it is a vital and growing resource for the technical terms specific to machine tools.

Management Video with commentary

This is a video subtitled by us which discusses the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Assess) management method. For more information, see our video subtitling services.

Recording and video editing projects

We had the pleasure of recording and editing the following plays as part of mjlvideo services.

  • Texts by Christian Descamps at the Athena local arts centre
  • 2 plays by a local company les Traiteaux Trinitains,
  • Readings by local poet Charles Lescuyer,
  • Play organized at a local old people’s home in Séné,
  • Tribulations Alcoolisées by l’Association Seconde Souffle
video editing projects for the restos du coeur

A Portée de Choeur a charitable musical in favour of the homeless.

We recorded this event and edited the video in 2013 for the A Portée de Choeur Auray charity, which raises money for people in difficulty via les restos du coeur.

Simple video editing projects

Below is a short, fun edit based on content recorded on an iPhone, edited quickly with a sound synchronization effect.

Here is an example of digitally editing VHS video recordings to take out the ‘snow’ which so often plagues old VHS tapes. Simple video editing is designed to make a video more agreeable to watch.

Reduction Video Editing Projects

Reduction Video Editing is about reducing perhaps 10 hours of film to one hour or less. Watching ten hours of film is, of course, possible, but it is nice to have a shorter version that can be watched easily.

Souvenir Video Editing Projects

It is best if several people film the event and then be able to choose the best shot of the scene. Several versions of the same scene allow us to improve video editing projects by showing multiple angles.

Create a souvenir event video of your wedding, baptism, communion that does justice to the original event. We offer you our video services to reduce up to 10 hours of film into a one-hour summary edit. All you need to do is give us a digital film, and we take care of the rest.

Photo slideshow video editing projects

One type of video editing project is to compile a photo slideshow, put it to music with transitions. It’s a good way to animate your photos and easily show them to family and friends. We add music that matches the theme of your photos.

We know about memories. We often dealt in memories, people coming often with films with people passed away in them.

And so it was natural to, when asked, to do an edit with all the photos from someone’s life even after they had passed away. It is of course primarily for those who remain and those who go to the funeral service. In crematoria, it is possible to put on a short film in memory of the person deceased.

Below are 2 very simple examples of just ringing photos together with the music that the person liked. These are all done in haste in between the person passing away and the service, but they do not need to be more in many ways.

For those who remain, there’s no need for special effects, the photos speak for themselves.

This was Bruno

Compilation video editing projects

We had the pleasure of working for the John Fogerty Fan Club in France, for a connoisseur who knew exactly what bits to choose.

This is a good way to work with a video editor by adding a time code, and then you can make the video editing choices, and we execute them.

Ask us for an estimate for your digital video editing projects.

foo fighters and john fogerty

Different types of video editing projects

This is a visual description of different types of video editing projects. mjlvideo typically took previously filmed video material from customers and either did video editing projects for already digital material, or digitised analogue film from tape.

Once we received the material, we captured it to digital or, in the case of already digital files, edit the material as required by the customer. For successfully validated projects, we might then have duplicated it on DVD, uploaded to YouTube or saved the digital video file to a USB key, or hard drive.

Previous Video Capture Services

A schematic of the filming services that we provided on site and capture and editing services in the studio.

Our previous digital transfer seervices included filming both digital and analogue, capture, editing and duplication