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Mark Lewis offers French to English translation of documents and video subtitling, specializing in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems, Marketing, Tourism, and Business Legal.


I studied information Systems in France and the UK in 1992. I spent 8 years as an IT contractor in the UK and lived and worked in France for 18 years, with 4 years as database manager in a PC manufacturer.

I ran my own business in France for 8 years providing digital transfer services. I started translating from French to English in 2012 and a full-time freelance translator since 2018.

I have translated 2.5 million words since 2015. See my experience relevant to translation and my CV.

Technical Experience

I started out as an Analyst Developer in the UK in 1994 after studying business information technology at Paris V and Brighton universities and moved to France in 2000, where I spent four years in the purchasing department of a large PC manufacturer.

I set out as a freelancer in 2004, initially in PC maintenance and then as a video technician digitizing analogue media, and started translating in 2012. Since 2018, I have specialized in technical translation and video subtitling.

I have undertaken diverse projects in supply chain, parts engineering, system specifications, document management, finance, construction, GDPR, engineering, tourism, winemaking, horse breeding, carpet weaving, and food safety.

french to english translation, technical translation, video subtitling, transcription. Domains: general tourism and marketing, management information systems, legal and business

My experience working for a computer manufacturer, and a CPIM qualification from MGCM, have given me an appreciation of the issues in supply chain management. As Purchasing Database manager, I was responsible for producing and maintaining the Purchasing KPIs.

In Information Systems, I designed and developed numerous databases in Microsoft Access including a translation terms database. I was engaged in evaluating PC systems for Y2000 for a large insurance company.

French to English Translation

I focus on the translation of technical texts, which is largely concerned with researching and standardising terms across the translation, particularly when there are many files.

I do this by using termbases and the technical translation database to manage alternatives, and search previous projects.

I have worked on TV documentaries, French television series, conference presentations, a set of videos for a well-known writer, a video games showcase, an animated museum tour. I have also translated many documents for a specialist in tourism, Paysdoc.

French to English Translation capacity

Our usual capacity is 10 to 12k words for translation per week or 40k words proofreading.

I accept all file formats including office, pdf, xlf.

Please see here our translation prices. The minimum order is normally £50.

Please see here our recent translation projects by domain and subject with examples, and client profiles.

Customer references

I have done French to English translation projects for customers in France, Belgium UK, Ireland, Spain, and the USA. Some of my agency customers are as follows, but I also have several direct customers in manufacturing and process automation.

SVP Traductions – business, technical, engineering, finance

Powerling – technical translation

Paysdoc – tourism in the Pays d’Oc region in France

Several machine tool companies in France such as FMO

Translation and proofreading tools

I use five key translation tools to provide rapid quality delivery:

five key translation tools for translators. Trados, GT4T, Dragon, Antidote, TTS with Microsoft Azure

I use the leading CAT tool, Trados Studio, to retain formatting and manage translations, although I have also used Déjà Vu, CaféTrans, Smartcat and Memsource.

Dragon Naturally Speaking helps me to dictate wherever possible rather than type.

Antidote helps me to check grammar, punctuation for written prose in non-technical documents. It also has advanced lexical tools to analyse for repetitions, passive voice and constructions.

Microsoft Azure Text-To-Speech is a very useful plugin for Trados which reads back translated documents. This additional oral dimension, helps to ensure that documents sound right. certified translation professional

Do not hesitate to contact me for any of your translation needs.

Member of the certified pro network.

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