Recent translation projects from French to English totalled around 550k words in 2019 in a wide variety of industrial and technical domains.

translation projects

I have translated about 1.7 million words since 2015 in a wide variety of industrial and technical domains.

count of number of translation projects effected by domain

Hours and project count from Odoo:

recent translation projects count and hours by business area / industry

Examples of translation projects

Procedures and norms for installations work in a foundry.54000
Maintenance procedure and parts lists for military vehicles32078
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) specifications15559
Transport protocols for delivery of Sulphuric Acid to sites15000
Masterclass video transcription of well-known French writer10647
Specification for factory packaging conveyor belt system10062
Health and safety regulations for the prevention of bird flu10000
Transcription of Kevin Staut Masterclass of a show-jumper9100
Health and Safety guidelines for large industrial security firm9000
Contract for long-term vehicle rental8524
Requirements specifications for ERP8126

Translation projects volumes

Translation projects 2015 to 2021

I have translated a total of 2.5M words in the 7 years from 2015 to 2021. These are the figures calculated since using Trados, but I was translating smaller volumes from 2012. My largest volumes are in technical, business legal and information systems.

I’ve collected many specific and general terms and recently combined them into one translation database. These are the number of terms against the number of words translated or proofread by domain.

The database that helps me track the number of words translated or proofread. Very large volumes may be spread over several weeks.

Translation projects 2016 to 2022

Website translation projects

one of my translation projects from French to english for this charming guest house mon escale en morbihan

I translated a tourism website, Mon Escale en Morbihan. A warm and friendly welcome to the Morbihan, in a traditional and calm setting. Catherine et Régis welcome you to their stylish wood-built guest house, with smart and colourful rooms. I also implemented the partial translation into Dutch, supplied by another translator.

Audiovisual translation projects

There are many different types of video editing: simple cutting, based on a theme, reduction editing or compilation. Choose the best type of editing for you.

video editing in première pro
Editing timeline from Adobe Première Pro

We did many video editing projects during the years of transferring old media to digital. These were often compilations or reduction video edits.

jean guillemet video

Esperance de Vie is a documentary edit down from 22 hours of recording to 58 minutes and was shown in three local cinemas – in Josselin, at Locminé and in Grand Champ.

The main personality is Jean Guillemet, who conveys his feelings about how society has changed since smallholdings were regrouped, that people started leaving the countryside for the towns, that shops and schools closed and how, although much harder, life was somehow much simpler.

Business Legal Translation projects

Here is a list of the legal and business translation projects done to date. Most of these are from French to English.

Legal and Business translation is one area where I receive quite a bit of work. It was not one of my original specialities, but a skill acquired over time.

As with most new domains, I create a vocabulary list in my translation database and investigate any unknown terms.

If you would like to confer your business legal translation project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Agency customers

SVP Traductions88
Production SA52

Client companies

These are some of my indirect customers through agencies.

End CustomerWords
Lylo Media21697
Brussels Government18864
BNP Arval8524
Ministère de l’Economie8466
BNP Paribas8089

Translation Sources

For technical words, there are a few good sites, notably Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique from the Quebec Government and Techdico.

For more common words, I use online dictionaries such as Word Reference, which also has associated discussion and Reverso.

Glossaries extracted from projects

Example Glossaries extracted from translation projects:

Online resources

Sometimes you can find the translation in example phrases, as on Linguee. On occasions, I use the translation glossary search on Sometimes the words may already be known!

On occasions, I extract from glossaries to support my translation work, including:
Centre National de l’Informatique et Libértés (CNIL)
Dictionnaire Juridique
Ecole National des Sciences Géographiques
European Union Terminology (IATE)
Le Portail Transport et Logistique
La Thermodynamique Appliqué
Lexique du
Outil de formation des matériaux