Bbusiness legal translation jobs

Here is a list of business legal translations completed to date. Most of them are translations from French to English, except the adoption decision.

Business legal translation is an area where I receive a lot of work. It was not one of my original specialities, but a skill acquired over time.

As with most translations, I create a vocabulary list in my translation database and examine any unknown terms. The Internet is of course an excellent source of information for translation.

Translation sources

Sometimes you can find the translation in sample sentences, such as on Linguee. Sometimes I use the translation glossary on Some words may already be known!

For technical words, there are some good sites, including the Canadian government’s site Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique and Techdico.

For more common words, I use online dictionaries such as Word Reference, and Reverso which have related discussion.

Manual and TM translation

All this is useful when translating manually. GT4T using the DeepL machine translation engine is particularly useful for machine translation where the text is mainly in prose. Machine translation can also be useful for some technical content.

Once a translation is finished, I correct it with Antidote. I tend to listen to vocal playbacks using Microsoft Azure Speech Engine and Trados TTS.

Business legal translation projects

Do not hesitate to contact us to entrust your legal and commercial translation project.

Legal and business translationsWords
Adoption decision1964
Airline Reservation Agreement1076
Share Trading Certificate500
Grant claims1798
Conditions for renouncing a lease2785
Credit Card Provider Agreement966
Recreational vehicle purchase contract1600
Contract for security services3390
Support and maintenance contract5834
Electoral protocol for a works council2787
Insurance Services Contract1752
In-house legal advice on competition law3000
Internal note on anti-corruption measures2769
Invoices for trade in cotton from Cameroon640
Legal comments on a distribution agreement1811
Minutes of a general meeting1731
Presentation of the management program2290
Presentation on a business training agreement1146
Rental and maintenance contract2333
Staff Collective Agreement736
Statutes of the European Research Institute1667