Carpet weaving glossary

Here is the research base used when I was translating a training manual for a very old and well-respected French carpet weaving company.

American Tapestry AllianceFrom Beaming to Yarn
BoustrophédonA system that alternately changes the direction of the weave
Carpet Background FrenchThe term ‘bourre’ – clumps of cloth
Discharging or unloadingthe operation that removes sericin from silk threads and fabrics
European Tapestry Production 1600-1800 
Finishing custom-made carpetsBinding, gansage and refilling
A little history on the Gobelins carpet weaversType of Louis XIV carpet
How silk is madeSericulture, breeding silkworms, silk thread and fabric production
Indian Boustrophedon basketry 
Industry: technology and organization 103About blast furnaces – manufacture of iron
Jute – type of materialvegetable fibre, the history of jute, types and cultivation and uses
Jute (plant)Jute (plant) Corchorus capsularis, plant, fiber, economic statistics
The art of knotting carpetsCharacteristics, learning, dyes, knots, knotting, shaving, washing
The region of AnatoliaMiddle East … the origins of the carpet
The drop in tradeMaking Gobelins carpets
The Middle EastDefinition
Savonnière carpet manufacturingSavonnière Manufacturing
Making Gobelins carpetsHistory
Parts of a CarpetWarp, Weft, Pile, Finish
What is a tufted carpet? 
Savonnière manufacture 
Silk Throwing 
Steps in Processing WoolFrom sheep to fleece, washing, picking, carding, spinning, winding, finishing, skirting, roving
Armenian carpetA type of carpet
Highwarp TapestryHow a loom works
Carpet tapestry 
Silver beakers 
Vertical loom for carpet manufacture 
Weave StructuresAxminster, Velvet, Wilton