Why translate machine tool documentation?

Translations of machine tool documentation can bridge the gap in language among international resellers, thus providing enhanced opportunities for global markets.

This is achieved by ensuring efficient communication of quality information across cultural and linguistic boundaries via a standardized global catalogue.

Efficient communication in global markets: Translated documentation allows resellers, manufacturers, and end users to communicate technical details about complex machinery.

Enhancing international opportunities: Translated documentation allows resellers to import and export machinery from another country.

It enhances international opportunities for trade and exchange and contributes to ensuring the quality of global sales catalogues.

Industry-specific translations: the translation of technical documentation with industry-specific terminology requires a translator to ensure homogenous terminology.

Types of machine tool documents translated

  • machine user interfaces
  • machine tools manuals
  • training material
  • brochures and catalogues
  • product specifications and descriptions
  • contracts and legal documents

Documents translated are important for resellers, manufacturers, and end users to communicate effectively and to ensure that machinery is used correctly and maintained according to manufacturer specifications.

Machine tool manuals are essential for communication between manufacturers, resellers, and end-user customers. Our experience in technical translation ensures precise translations to ensure that the detail of source documentation is reflected in the target, and understandable by end users.

Timely, quality delivery

We guarantee the confidentiality of all the documents we translate, and use industry-leading security protocols to protect sensitive data.

We ensure timely delivery and deadline management of translated documents. We have a defined process that helps us guarantee adherence to deadlines, accuracy, and quality. See our next post on how we prepare PDF documents for translation with Trados.

Specialized Terminology: Our technical background and experience in managing a corpus of industry-specific technical terms in our machine tools database help ensure precise translations.

Machine tools database

We built a machine tools database to catalogue partners who distribute or manufacture machine tools. It includes a catalogue of examples of machines from these partners, descriptions of the machines’ functions, and related technical terms. It is a vital and growing resource for the technical terms specific to machine tools.

Please note that this video is in English, with subtitles in both English and French.

Technical Translation Database

And we use our Technical Translation Database to manage specialized terms.

The terms database manages customers, projects and invoicing, technical terms

Accuracy and attention to detail: We are committed to delivering translations that reflect the context of the original content.

Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and are known for promptness and efficient project management, ensuring that your translated materials are delivered on time.

Confidentiality: Your documents and information are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We adhere to strict privacy protocols to protect your sensitive data.

Machine tool documentation translation projects

Instruction manual for Durma Flatbed Laser: General Information, Machine Features, User Safety Considerations, Hand and Body Protection, Laser Hazards, Safe Use of the Machine, Notes on Installation, Power Supply, Features of the Control Unit including button programming, Laser User Interface, HMI, Instructions for Nozzle Change, Laser Cutting Monitoring, and Maintenance Schedules.

Durma Flatbed Laser machhine tool

Instruction manual for Bekamek fully automatic Horizontal bandsaw machine BMSO 350.

Chapters translated include: general information user warnings, standards and directives, safety instructions, meaning of safety symbols, prohibited applications, residual mechanical risks, noise statement, connection to the electrical system, technical details, transportation and carrying of the machine, the control panel, instructions on various cutting processes, balancing and installation, indication of switch functions, troubleshooting, detailed description of the control panel and menus, auto, manual and maintenance control modes, described operation programming (recipes), alarm and statistics screens, setting machine parameters, I/O monitoring, physical outputs, frequently asked questions, weekly, monthly and annual machine maintenance schedules and instructions, lubrication oil types, instructions for changing parts such as the saw blade, filling up coolant, material safety data file, spare parts list

bekamek horizontal bandsaw machine tool

Hazard Warning Symbols:

Caution, danger, high voltage, danger of crushing by pressing, danger of crushing hands on conveyor, danger of crushing hands on pulley belt, danger of cutting hands with saw blade, danger of crushing hands on rotating components.

machine tool hazard warning symbols

Control software program:

This is a translation of a software control programme for a machine-tool and was the subject of one of our translation projects.

machine tool translation of control program software

Instruction manual for Deep Drilling Simple NC Variable Frequency Vertical Drilling Machine

main technical data for vertical drill

We accept PDF documents for translation with Trados.

We have carried out translations of machine tool documentation for machine tool resellers such as FMO, LMO and PLI.